Brain and Intelligence

Have you ever seen the fastest vehicle in the world? Or have you seen the figure of the space shuttle is able to penetrate the space highway? At least you would have seen the technological sophistication that is around you, the computer, the HP is probably now you hold, and so forth.Everything else not mentioned above is the work of a creature called man, and we are part of the creature. Then the question is, what humans have to able to make this world such a way and this amazing? Definite final answer we get is because humans have a BRAIN. With the human brain is creative, creativity, creation, and so on.

The brain is a mysterious part in humans and one of the greatest wonders. In recent research developments, the brain was not only responsible for physiological functions, but also responsible for the psychological or mental aspects of humans.In a case of an accident in 1848, a railroad worker penetrated an iron rod on his head. Remarkably, that person may recover from the tragic accident. However, there are behavioral changes that occur to him. His friends complained about the change in the personality of the victim who had owned the properties polite, friendly and work hard to be someone else altogether, talking dirty, bad personality, rigid, and so on.There is one more case that proves the power of the human brain; a former teacher with a tumor in one part of the brain that functions to process the quality of conversational expressions such as reading the expression on the face (pouting, red, sad) and intonation (hard, soft, satirical ). Even so he was able to better understand words and sentences perfectly.The brain is the most complex organ ever known in the universe. He is the only body part that most developed and automatically learn himself.It could be said that brain most important organ in humans. Advantages of the brain than other organs in the human body is in shape and how it works. Heart, liver, lungs, kidneys and others working in the same way, since they are created until they are broken. But the brain, he turns and work in different ways, second by second, moment by moment, and it occurs through a molecular study.So, presumably there is no reason indeed to not feel amazed at the wonders of the brain and the achievement unrivaled by even the most sophisticated computer creations under this sky.
Intelligence is closely linked to the ability of in you, which is linear pointing to the potential you have. In this case, intelligence is the largest capital that is in your brain. Modern knowledge about the brain, the neurophysiology and psychology, has revealed many strengths and outstanding potential of the human brain. Intelligence has a close connection with brain function or performance.

The brain is all central nervous system in humans. All activities are controlled live here. Each of the sensory impulses is introduced and analyzed in such a way that then produces an output or outcome that will affect the action, intelligence, emotions and so on. So to say that the place of intelligence possessed by the human-centered in the brain. This applies not only to one intelligence alone, for example IQ, but perhaps all intelligence possessed by humans. We have known all kinds of intelligence that drafted by experts in this field. An expert named Howard Gardner even revealed that intelligence is divided into 8, according to multiple intelligences scattered in various domains, from intelligence to intelligence in logical thinking interact to yourself (intrapersonal). Later in development now, rediscovered other types of intelligence, namely emotional intelligence (EQ) and spiritual intelligence (SQ). Experts neuroscience (the science of the brain) revealed that all intelligence is controlled by parts of the brain are different.From various experiments and cases that occurred have shown evidence that all the intelligence of human beings is closely related to the functions and performance of the brain. Function that was not optimal or even physiological damage of the brain, brain injury for example, capable of affecting human intelligence and even personality.Parts or regions of the brain associated with intelligence was frontal and parietal lobes, this has similarities with parts that are responsible for memory function and to more complex functions like language. Experts say that this allows the integration of cognitive functions suggests that intelligence levels might be based on how efficient the frontal-parietal lobes process information.However, this does not necessarily indicate that the structure of the brain as the main effect of intelligence, because intelligence is also the problem is a complex issue. Many factors outside of it, which has also been widely discussed by experts, have an influence on the development of intelligence, such as family environment, social, teacher, friend, mental condition, and so forth. But clearly, the factor structure of the brain has been recognized to be one that can affect a person's intelligence, in addition to other factors that end up together in a collective form of intelligence.

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